Photos of Portugal's Algarve Coast to Inspire Your Travels


Down on the southern coast of Portugal lies an area called the Algarve, lined with massive sandstone cliffs carved out by the sea. Popular for surfing, swimming, fishing, and tourism alike, this area will have you enamored with the colorful scenes and secret beach grottos lining the coast. These shots are from the area around Lagos, the main tourist hub in the region, with arguably some of the most accessible coastline. You can spend days hiking on top of the red cliffs and climb or dive down into the turquoise waters that lie below.

Twice I've been down to the Algarve, and each time I've come out with a greater appreciation for the natural beauty of the region!  It's worth spending as much time as you have to explore the grottos, seas, and hike the natural coastlines of the region.  Here is my collection of photos from the Algarve Coast to inspire your travels to Portugal!

Travel Tip: Rise before the sun and paddle out or kayak offshore through the miles of sea caves and mini islands to secret beaches before the crowds arrive. And enjoy the softest light of the day (best for photography)!